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RATGF – Atheist Bait 2: Hail @turdlord

Will joins Ricky and Tink once again for more a very sincere reflection on his exciting life of playing video game simulators.  Please follow him on twitter @turdlord because he really wants you to.


RATGF – Atheist Bait

Ricky and Tink are joined by Will, the GQ Sasquatch, he makes his return to the premiere podcast of the premiere town of West Texas.  Here are the episode take aways goD is good… All the time.



We did it y’all.  We reached episode 60 and it only took us five years to do it.  We are on a real hot streak and we owe it all to you – the fans.  Ricky and Thinh are joined by Matt who has taken a bit of a heel turn in this episode.


RATGF – The Premiere Episode

Rick and Tink are joined once again by their old sidekick and friend Matt.  There’s a lot of stuff going on here and we talk a long time about how much we all liked Logan.  Spoilers inside we totally spoil who dies in the best way possible.


RATGF – Have Totinos, Just Want 2 Watch

Ch’Boiz are back with a new episode of the greatest podcast of all time.  Ricky and Tink talk about a lot of stuff like cucking, ISIL, Get Out and Ricky makes a desperate attempt to make going to movies solo not seem so completely sad.  It’s safe to say the Mack has been returned.  Also we reference a previous episode a lot in this but it didn’t record.  It is ricky’s fault and he still doesn’t care.



After the successful funding if Rick’s kickstarter the world desperately needs Tink to reel him in back down to earth…  In this episode he tries to do just that.


“Oh, that? That’s my lion Buckwheat!”


RATGF – Number 6 pt 2

And now for even more stories from Grape Creek featuring Rick’s older brother.  This episode has got it all drunk dudes, arm wrestling, and stories of people getting stabbed.



RATGF – Number Six pt 1

In episode 53 of Ricky and Tink Got Friends we welcome Jon to the podcast.  Jon is Ricky’s big brother and has done a little time.  Jon tells us a little about his childhood and how Tink can enhance his member on the cheap.

Buckle up this two part podcast is pretty insane.



RATGF – Dawn of Civil War

Ricky and Tink get together and talk about the latest round of comic book movies.  Tink gets a little bored and Ricky really wants to be right about Civil War.

"To the Accords!"

“To the Accords!”


RATGF – Are we Recording?

Ricky and Tink get back together and have one hell of a time remembering how to do this.

Are we recording?

Are we recording?



In this episode Tink finally calls it quits with the ladies and in the process really annoys Ricky.



RATGF – Tink’s Very Own Show

Grizzly bear relaxes on a log


While Ricky takes a nap Tink hijacks the equipment and records his own episode of the podcast.


RATGF – Tink Buys a Gun


Tink buys a gun from a guy and thinks get very dire for the dynamic duo.  Happy Halloween everybody!



RATGF – Bronies

Tink has a special friend move in with him after Comic Con. He joins us for the podcast and things get really weird.



RATGF – Just Us: Part 2

Ricky and Tink reunite after a month off of pod casting.  Ricky started a new supplement program and wants to fight.  They talk about politics together which makes Ricky want to fight again.  Tink mentally preps himself to eat a ghost pepper.


To buy Smash Up you can click this link!



RATGF – Oh, Gee.

Ricky and Tink welcome Mike, a real life O.G., and together we dive in the complexities of racial stereotypes, our new years resolutions, and ask Mike questions that white people want to ask black guys.  We call this episode “Oh, Gee”.

“That was the first real fart of the podcast.” -Ricky


RATGF – Randalf the Great White

Ricky misses another show.  In his stead Tink welcomes Randalf, a wizard and cousin of the famous Gandalf.  The interview takes a bizarre turn when it is apparent that Randalf is a sexual deviant and apparent racist.  We conjure up the dumbest thing ever, in an episode we call Randalf the Great White.

“That is why, you shall not pass.” – Randalf

Also after listening to it, we’d like to give credit to Bryan Callen for the pin cushion bit.


RATGF – #KnuckleRockets

Ricky and Tink welcome Will, a charming GQ Sasquatch, to the show.  Together they talk about getting street cred, increasing listener base for RATGF, and embarrassing things from their pasts in an episode we call “#KnuckleRockets”.

“But I just got this Gone Squatchin’ hat – Ricky”


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RATGF – Thick Tread

Ricky and Tink are joined by Martin and Drew of Thick Tread fame.  Together they talk about music, punk rock, and cereal in an episode we call “Thick Tread”.


“And that’ll be just fine with me” – TT


You can get get Thick Treads debut album on December 21!  It will be rad and roughly $10.


RATGF – The Ultimate Warrior

Ricky and Tink welcome JP to the show.  Together they talk about zombies, wrestling, and then things take a turn for the serious in an episode we call “The Ultimate Warrior”.

“My finisher move would be called DTF.” – Tink


RATGF – White Belts

Ricky and Tink welcome Matt to the show, finally.  Tink asks Ricky a series of inappropriate would you rather, and Matt confirms he is a terrorist in an episode we call White Belts.

“I am the world’s greatest jujitsu white belt.” – Ricky


RATGF – Seven Layer Cake: The Movie

Ricky and Tink welcome Jason, who is in fact a real black man, to the show.  Ricky writes a script for Seven Layer Cake: The Movie, and we all laugh until it hurts.

“Where the fuck was secret service??? Enjoying some great pizza.”


RATGF – Just Us

We kick off Ricky and Tink Got Friends, a podcast about two dudes who talk about nothing, without any of our actual friends in an episode we call “Just Us”.

“I’ll drop ya Bateman.” -Ricky