RATGF – Ricky is an Artist

Tink misses the show so Ricky decides to make Art.  This is definitely not 6 minutes of Ricky sitting in silence and eating a snack.


RATGF – Atheist Bait 2: Hail @turdlord

Will joins Ricky and Tink once again for more a very sincere reflection on his exciting life of playing video game simulators.  Please follow him on twitter @turdlord because he really wants you to.


RATGF – Atheist Bait

Ricky and Tink are joined by Will, the GQ Sasquatch, he makes his return to the premiere podcast of the premiere town of West Texas.  Here are the episode take aways goD is good… All the time.



We did it y’all.  We reached episode 60 and it only took us five years to do it.  We are on a real hot streak and we owe it all to you – the fans.  Ricky and Thinh are joined by Matt who has taken a bit of a heel turn in this episode.


RATGF – The Premiere Episode

Rick and Tink are joined once again by their old sidekick and friend Matt.  There’s a lot of stuff going on here and we talk a long time about how much we all liked Logan.  Spoilers inside we totally spoil who dies in the best way possible.


RATGF – Have Totinos, Just Want 2 Watch

Ch’Boiz are back with a new episode of the greatest podcast of all time.  Ricky and Tink talk about a lot of stuff like cucking, ISIL, Get Out and Ricky makes a desperate attempt to make going to movies solo not seem so completely sad.  It’s safe to say the Mack has been returned.  Also we reference a previous episode a lot in this but it didn’t record.  It is ricky’s fault and he still doesn’t care.


RATGF – ThatsWhatsUp

Ricky and Tink are joined by the super famous @KevinTheCale.  Together we step into a time machine to the 90s and talk about dumb stuff.  It’s p good.




After the successful funding if Rick’s kickstarter the world desperately needs Tink to reel him in back down to earth…  In this episode he tries to do just that.


“Oh, that? That’s my lion Buckwheat!”


RATGF – Number 6 pt 2

And now for even more stories from Grape Creek featuring Rick’s older brother.  This episode has got it all drunk dudes, arm wrestling, and stories of people getting stabbed.



RATGF – Number Six pt 1

In episode 53 of Ricky and Tink Got Friends we welcome Jon to the podcast.  Jon is Ricky’s big brother and has done a little time.  Jon tells us a little about his childhood and how Tink can enhance his member on the cheap.

Buckle up this two part podcast is pretty insane.



RATGF – Dawn of Civil War

Ricky and Tink get together and talk about the latest round of comic book movies.  Tink gets a little bored and Ricky really wants to be right about Civil War.

"To the Accords!"

“To the Accords!”


RATGF – Are we Recording?

Ricky and Tink get back together and have one hell of a time remembering how to do this.

Are we recording?

Are we recording?


All work and no play!

Unfortunately due to our insane schedules at the moment the podcast is once again being put on hold.

Sorry friends.

RATGF – Cano is Scum


In this episode Tink and Matt act as mediators for Ricky so that he can attempt to start over with a clean slate with his nemesis Cano.





We get the idea to do just a fifteen minute episode while Tink waits for his Za’.  He ruins the intro and that almost sets Ricky off again.fifteen-minutes


RATGF – We R #Raw

Ricky and Tink are joined once again by Matt who at this point is campaigning for permanent party status.  Ricky takes a moment to remind the guys that he is #Raw.



RATGF – E3 2014

In this episode Ricky and Tink are once again joined by Matt and together we talk about E3.



RATGF – Ricky Hurts Himself

Ricky and Tink are joined by their friend Matt.  In this episode Ricky tells them about how he recently hurt himself.



RATGF – Basketball Jones

Ricky and Tink are joined by Brian and Grant.  Brian starts talking about Basketball and for whatever reason we don’t stop him.


We are the Monstars.


RATGF – The Pub Crawl Episode

Every year on St. Patrick’s Day we uphold a time honored tradition of getting wasted and making bad jokes along the way.  This year we took a field recorder with us.  Our good friend JVT decided to edit some of the audio and listen to it with us a couple months later.


Better late than never.



In this episode Tink finally calls it quits with the ladies and in the process really annoys Ricky.



RATGF – The Reason for the Season 3

Now that Tink is finished watching all of Dr. Who we are able to do Ricky and Tink again!  In this episode Tink is a little jealous over all the time Ricky has been spending with his other, more successful, project LLU.



RATGF – Tink’s Very Own Show

Grizzly bear relaxes on a log


While Ricky takes a nap Tink hijacks the equipment and records his own episode of the podcast.


RATGF – Tink Buys a Gun


Tink buys a gun from a guy and thinks get very dire for the dynamic duo.  Happy Halloween everybody!



RATGF – Ricky Gets Mad And Talks About Wrestling

In our 37th episode Ricky and Tink come back after striking over the government shutdown.  Ricky dominates the podcast by getting really mad at stuff he hates and talks about wrestling for far too long.



RATGF – Tink Folds Laundry

Ricky and Tink get back together and Tink folds his laundry.


RATGF – SodaPop Catch Phrase

Ricky picks up his cousin from the airport and they talk.  It isn’t long where Ricky realizes he has made a terrible mistake.



RATGF – Ricky Hates Animals

Ricky recalls traumatic events from growing up in the Creek and let’s Tink know why he hates animals.



RATGF – Ben Affleck Is Batman

The guys welcome Reuben to the podcast and together we have a discussion about the great Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, and a whole lot of other crap.



RATGF – Deadbeat Dadz

This week CJ joins our dynamic duo and together we talk about fatherhood.



RATGF – Bronies

Tink has a special friend move in with him after Comic Con. He joins us for the podcast and things get really weird.



RATGF – Tink the Bastard

Ricky tries to give you guys another episode of quality family fun and Tink doesn’t want any part of it.



RATGF – Mr. Sprinkles

Ricky mistakenly thinks the clown waiting in the lobby to Tink’s apartment is a guest that Tink had booked.  Mr. Sprinkles comes on the show and attempts to spread happiness.




Freshly back from his trip to SDCC Tink reunites with Ricky and together they are joined by their friend Matt.  They talk about Tink’s adventures and they all get a little racist.  Also they announce the winner of the Govenor ( walking dead ) figure.


RATGF – We are Fighters

Ricky and Tink talk about fighting.  Tink tells a story about how he almost fought a guy a couple days ago, and Ricky is uncontrollably emotional because of Channing Tatum.



RATGF – Ricky Is A Gamer

After a really racist intro by Tink, Ricky talks about games to the point Tink actually gets bored.  In an episode we call Ricky is a Gamer.



RATGF – E3 Thoughts

Ricky and Tink sit down and share their thoughts on the newly announced Xbox One and Playstation 4.  Ricky also gets mad.


RATGF – Zomboiz

Ricky and Tink play a video game and are emotionally affected by it.  So they talk it through and the pending zombie apocalypse.


RATGF – Ukrainians are Tough

Rick has quit the podcast, ya I know.  Tink lucks out and finds Uri a friend of the podcast who just so happens to hail from the Ukraine.


RATGF – Paul and Jens Got Frenz

Things are dire for the guys when the podcast get’s taken over by a couple of over educated white guys, Ricky is mad and Tink is still sad in an episode we call Paul and Jens Got Frenz.


RATGF – Worst Episode Ever

Ricky and Tink start the 20th episode off talking about really funny things, then newly weds come and ruin everything.  This is in fact the worst episode ever.


RATGF – We’re Back!

Ricky and Tink make their long awaited return to the world of podcasting, bringing their friend Daniel along for the ride.  Together the gang talks about what they have done over the break, get to the bottom of Tink’s depression, and answer some of their listeners questions in a new segment called #AskRickAndTink.


RATGF – The Girl

Ricky and Tink welcome a girl, lady, woman thing to the show.  Together they talk about girl stuff, video games, and Ricky learns about a new animal in an episode called “The Girl”.


RATGF – Changing The Game

Ricky and Tink welcome Chad together they talk about what they are going to do for Valentine’s day, hypothetical situations involving a billionaire with an ass play fetish, and Ricky gets V’d out.


RATGF Video – Tink Eats Ghost Peppers

RATGF – Just Us: Part 2

Ricky and Tink reunite after a month off of pod casting.  Ricky started a new supplement program and wants to fight.  They talk about politics together which makes Ricky want to fight again.  Tink mentally preps himself to eat a ghost pepper.


To buy Smash Up you can click this link!



Thick Tread – From the Neck Up

Remember those crazy kids from the RATGF episode Thick Tread?  Well their CD is now available for purchase, do yourselves a favor and buy it!

You can get it here.


RATGF – Oh, Gee.

Ricky and Tink welcome Mike, a real life O.G., and together we dive in the complexities of racial stereotypes, our new years resolutions, and ask Mike questions that white people want to ask black guys.  We call this episode “Oh, Gee”.

“That was the first real fart of the podcast.” -Ricky


RATGF – Randalf the Great White

Ricky misses another show.  In his stead Tink welcomes Randalf, a wizard and cousin of the famous Gandalf.  The interview takes a bizarre turn when it is apparent that Randalf is a sexual deviant and apparent racist.  We conjure up the dumbest thing ever, in an episode we call Randalf the Great White.

“That is why, you shall not pass.” – Randalf

Also after listening to it, we’d like to give credit to Bryan Callen for the pin cushion bit.


RATGF – Video Games

Ricky and Tink welcome Zack, from Austin, to the show.  Together they explore the topic of video game development, exchange Christmas gifts, and announce the RATGF: The Game, in an episode we call Video Games.

“Did you guys ever watch Reboot?” Tink


RATGF – #KnuckleRockets

Ricky and Tink welcome Will, a charming GQ Sasquatch, to the show.  Together they talk about getting street cred, increasing listener base for RATGF, and embarrassing things from their pasts in an episode we call “#KnuckleRockets”.

“But I just got this Gone Squatchin’ hat – Ricky”


Read more


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RATGF – Thick Tread

Ricky and Tink are joined by Martin and Drew of Thick Tread fame.  Together they talk about music, punk rock, and cereal in an episode we call “Thick Tread”.


“And that’ll be just fine with me” – TT


You can get get Thick Treads debut album on December 21!  It will be rad and roughly $10.


RATGF – Toby Keith

Tink’s long time best friend Daniel, joins us on the show and together we discuss the fact that Toby Keith is amazing, fighting, and what Tink did over his break in an Episode we have dubbed “Toby Keith”.

How do you like me now!?!


Ricky and Tink Got a Facebook Page

It’s finally here. After weeks of blatant negligence and broken promises on my part, Ricky broke down and created a Facebook page for RATGF.  So “Like” us, share us, and more importantly, masturbate to us. And of course, thank you for all the listens and support.

“Like” us!


RATGF – O’Bummer 2012

Ricky and Tink welcome Justin “JVT” to the show.  Together the gang explores the election results, gay sex, Ricky writes a bucket list for Tink, and they read another scene from Seven Layer Cake The Movie…  In an episode we call O’Bummer 2012


“Well we have prostates so it’d feel better.” -Tink


RATGF – The Ultimate Warrior

Ricky and Tink welcome JP to the show.  Together they talk about zombies, wrestling, and then things take a turn for the serious in an episode we call “The Ultimate Warrior”.

“My finisher move would be called DTF.” – Tink


RATGF – The Break Up

Ricky walks in to Tink’s place just as Tink is trying to kill himself.  They do what anyone would do in that situation, record a podcast in an episode we call ‘The Break Up’.

“Leave me alone, im trying to kill myself.” – Tink



RATGF – Batman!!!

Ricky doesn’t show up, so Tink pulls some strings and gets Batman, yes that Batman, on the show.  Together they dive into why the Dark Knight is in San Angelo.

“Five Dollar Footlong…” -Batman



RATGF – Austin Texas

Ricky and Tink welcome Raul to the show.  Ricky gets back from a trip to Austin and is different, the gang gets politicool, Ricky let’s everyone know why he is sad, and we all talk about murder.

“Can I be real with you guys? She killed my father.” -Ricky


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RATGF – White Belts

Ricky and Tink welcome Matt to the show, finally.  Tink asks Ricky a series of inappropriate would you rather, and Matt confirms he is a terrorist in an episode we call White Belts.

“I am the world’s greatest jujitsu white belt.” – Ricky


RATGF – Dodgeballl

Ricky and Tink welcome Nicky to the show.  Tink reveals way to much about himself, and the gang invents a new game in an episode we call Dodgeballl.



RATGF – Seven Layer Cake: The Movie

Ricky and Tink welcome Jason, who is in fact a real black man, to the show.  Ricky writes a script for Seven Layer Cake: The Movie, and we all laugh until it hurts.

“Where the fuck was secret service??? Enjoying some great pizza.”


A Quick Thanks

Wow.  Just wow.  Thank you all so much for the great feedback.  We are planning on recording the next episode 9/15 – our guest still TBD.

I didn’t think many people would be interested in a little podcast out of San Angelo, Texas.  Looks like I may be very wrong.

I am completely blown away by the support and the compliments.  Next episode I will take the time to master the sound a bit more in post, so hopefully things sound much better.

On behalf of Tink and myself, you have our most sincere thanks.


RATGF – Just Us

We kick off Ricky and Tink Got Friends, a podcast about two dudes who talk about nothing, without any of our actual friends in an episode we call “Just Us”.

“I’ll drop ya Bateman.” -Ricky