Support the show, put up a flyer!

Greetings fellow hooligans, and any of Tink’s Asian family that happens to have found this.  If you want to support the show we have a handy dandy little flyer that you can print, and put up all around the world!  We are officially going global.

Simply take this image, and print it.  (here)

Then go to your favorite spots, and put it up on the wall.  Don’t even ask permission just do it.  (although you should probably ask)

Also please rate/review the show on iTunes and Stitcher so we can climb the proverbial charts.

For every flyer that you put up, and tweet us a pic of Tink will send a picture of his dick to you, dressed as your favorite Pokemon.

Again thanks for the feedback we are having a blast and have some pretty funny stuff planned for future episodes.



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  1. Nukka says:

    So do you think you guys could do a show dressed only in a pair of pink panties?

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