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RATGF – ThatsWhatsUp

Ricky and Tink are joined by the super famous @KevinTheCale.  Together we step into a time machine to the 90s and talk about dumb stuff.  It’s p good.



RATGF – Tink’s Very Own Show

Grizzly bear relaxes on a log


While Ricky takes a nap Tink hijacks the equipment and records his own episode of the podcast.


RATGF – We are Fighters

Ricky and Tink talk about fighting.  Tink tells a story about how he almost fought a guy a couple days ago, and Ricky is uncontrollably emotional because of Channing Tatum.



RATGF – We’re Back!

Ricky and Tink make their long awaited return to the world of podcasting, bringing their friend Daniel along for the ride.  Together the gang talks about what they have done over the break, get to the bottom of Tink’s depression, and answer some of their listeners questions in a new segment called #AskRickAndTink.


RATGF – O’Bummer 2012

Ricky and Tink welcome Justin “JVT” to the show.  Together the gang explores the election results, gay sex, Ricky writes a bucket list for Tink, and they read another scene from Seven Layer Cake The Movie…  In an episode we call O’Bummer 2012


“Well we have prostates so it’d feel better.” -Tink


RATGF – Seven Layer Cake: The Movie

Ricky and Tink welcome Jason, who is in fact a real black man, to the show.  Ricky writes a script for Seven Layer Cake: The Movie, and we all laugh until it hurts.

“Where the fuck was secret service??? Enjoying some great pizza.”


RATGF – Just Us

We kick off Ricky and Tink Got Friends, a podcast about two dudes who talk about nothing, without any of our actual friends in an episode we call “Just Us”.

“I’ll drop ya Bateman.” -Ricky