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RATGF – Tink’s Very Own Show

Grizzly bear relaxes on a log


While Ricky takes a nap Tink hijacks the equipment and records his own episode of the podcast.


RATGF – Deadbeat Dadz

This week CJ joins our dynamic duo and together we talk about fatherhood.



RATGF – Ukrainians are Tough

Rick has quit the podcast, ya I know.  Tink lucks out and finds Uri a friend of the podcast who just so happens to hail from the Ukraine.


RATGF – Changing The Game

Ricky and Tink welcome Chad together they talk about what they are going to do for Valentine’s day, hypothetical situations involving a billionaire with an ass play fetish, and Ricky gets V’d out.


RATGF – Just Us: Part 2

Ricky and Tink reunite after a month off of pod casting.  Ricky started a new supplement program and wants to fight.  They talk about politics together which makes Ricky want to fight again.  Tink mentally preps himself to eat a ghost pepper.


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RATGF – Oh, Gee.

Ricky and Tink welcome Mike, a real life O.G., and together we dive in the complexities of racial stereotypes, our new years resolutions, and ask Mike questions that white people want to ask black guys.  We call this episode “Oh, Gee”.

“That was the first real fart of the podcast.” -Ricky


RATGF – Randalf the Great White

Ricky misses another show.  In his stead Tink welcomes Randalf, a wizard and cousin of the famous Gandalf.  The interview takes a bizarre turn when it is apparent that Randalf is a sexual deviant and apparent racist.  We conjure up the dumbest thing ever, in an episode we call Randalf the Great White.

“That is why, you shall not pass.” – Randalf

Also after listening to it, we’d like to give credit to Bryan Callen for the pin cushion bit.


RATGF – Video Games

Ricky and Tink welcome Zack, from Austin, to the show.  Together they explore the topic of video game development, exchange Christmas gifts, and announce the RATGF: The Game, in an episode we call Video Games.

“Did you guys ever watch Reboot?” Tink


RATGF – #KnuckleRockets

Ricky and Tink welcome Will, a charming GQ Sasquatch, to the show.  Together they talk about getting street cred, increasing listener base for RATGF, and embarrassing things from their pasts in an episode we call “#KnuckleRockets”.

“But I just got this Gone Squatchin’ hat – Ricky”


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RATGF – White Belts

Ricky and Tink welcome Matt to the show, finally.  Tink asks Ricky a series of inappropriate would you rather, and Matt confirms he is a terrorist in an episode we call White Belts.

“I am the world’s greatest jujitsu white belt.” – Ricky


RATGF – Seven Layer Cake: The Movie

Ricky and Tink welcome Jason, who is in fact a real black man, to the show.  Ricky writes a script for Seven Layer Cake: The Movie, and we all laugh until it hurts.

“Where the fuck was secret service??? Enjoying some great pizza.”


RATGF – Just Us

We kick off Ricky and Tink Got Friends, a podcast about two dudes who talk about nothing, without any of our actual friends in an episode we call “Just Us”.

“I’ll drop ya Bateman.” -Ricky